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Shark Point is part of a marine sanctuary  and is justifiably the most popular of the local dive sites. The official thai name is "Hin Musang". Approaching from the sea, Shark Point appears as a tiny rock of no particular interest but beneath the surface lays a vast multicoloured reef surrounding by a great marine life. The main attraction here, in addition of Sharks and vast schools of tropical fish are the colourful soft corals and sea fans that decorate this huge limestone pinnacle

The reef can be broken in three main sections and most divers could spend several days at least exploring the many interesting facets of the site.

Currents can be brisk but they tend parallel to the reef sections and allow for an excellent drift dive.



Pray's favorite dive site

Only 300 meters away from Shark Point, this submerged pinnacle impresses with a carpet-like cover of colourful soft corals, sea anemones and an abundance of beautiful reef fish.

The reef starts at 6 meters below the surface and go down to 30 meters depth. The thai name for this dive site is "Hin Jon". This amazing dive site  is completely covered by sea anemones, home for plenty of clown fish, but divers will be happy to find abundance of fish here, including barracudas schools, morays, nudibranchs, tuna, yellow snappers, giant trevally, nurse sharks, crabs, squids, groupers ... And the occasional Leopard shark can be seen passing by or chilling on the bottom.



Eloïse's favorite dive site


This small, jungle topped island is located on the way to Shark point from Phuket and is considered one of the best wall dives in the area. The "Flower Island" wall is the main feature of this dive site, inviting you to drift dives and deep dives.

The East side of Koh Doc Mai is a garden of yellow tube corals and you can explore some of the small caves along the base of the wall. Banded sea snakes, scorpionfish, lionfish, seahorse, ghostpipe fish, frogfish, nudibranchs can be founded by looking at each corners of the wall.

The West side is a gently sloping hard coral reef with an abundance of colourful sea life decorating its underwater cliffs. This dive is noted for its variety of reef fish and an opportunity to view some of the resident moray eels and turtles.

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