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No time limit ! Let’s meet at the beach where Eloïse will wait for you with a fresh smoothie. After a Pray- dive briefing, you will go for a dive where you only time limit will be your air consumption, your instructor will end the dive when one of you reach 50 bars or wants to go up!


With its white powdery beach and the clear water charasterictic of dive spots along western Phuket, it is no wonder that Kata Beach is very popular among tourists. To make things even better, it is also magnificient diving and snorkeling area with the advantage of marine diversity, easy access, and suitable for divers of all levels of expertise.

What make Kata a favourite dive site even among experienced divers is the opportunity to discover many rare and popular marine creatures, such as anglerfish, ghost pipefish, shrimpfish, seahorses, humphead parrotfish... Small barracudas, squid, stingrays, cuttlefish, crocodile fish may also be spotted near the reef. Other common sightings include butterflyfish gathering above a pack of pore coral near a marker buoy, as well as an abundance of lionfish, parrotfish, wrasse and surgeonfish.

One special attraction at Kata Beach is the young Harlequin sweetlips that can be found all along the reef. Ranging from the size of a figertip to the size of a palm, the juvenile sweetlips twist constantly, changing gradually from the patchy colour of the young to the dot-patterned skin of the adults as they twist. You will be amazed by the difference between the juveniles and the adults!



1 dive: 
2100 THB
2 dives: 2700 THB
Equipment: 300 THB including dive computer

1 dive: 2500 THB
Equipment: 300 THB including torch and dive computer
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