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For my own safety and well-being, you will: 


- Not consume alcohol, drugs or medication before or between any dives

- Not conduct decompression dives
- Not dive deeper than 40 meters
- Familiarize myself with all rental equipments

- Follow my Divemaster/Instructor’s instructions
- Never dive alone
- Ascend slowly after a 1-minute search if I get separated from my buddy

- Not dive with a cold or if I feel sick
- Not dive if I am pregnant
- Wait longer than 18 hours if I am flying

 To protect the coral reef and the marine life, you will:

- Not wear gloves during the dive - Not chase or touch any animals - Not touch any corals
- Maintain proper buoyancy

- Not damage the reef with my fins or other equipment - Not feed the fish
- Not throw garbage in the ocean
- Not collect any corals, shells...

- Not hold onto, rest upon, stand or kneel on the coral reef - Comply with the Tourleader’s instructions
- Make sure I respect the marine life while taking photos

Please, understand and acknowledge  that in case of deliberately violation of these rules, the Tourleader may expel you from any dive activities. Further, you understand that Pray Dive Co.,Ltd. has the right to postpone, terminate or modify any dives without prior notice if deemed necessary for the comfort or/and the safety of the passengers. You are also aware that Pray Dive Co.,Ltd., its staff or any person working for Pray Dive Co.,Ltd. Are not liable for any damages, accidents or losses occurring as a result of activities conducted by Pray Dive Co.,Ltd. You accept any risks associated with diving even if this will result in injury, death or other damages to your family or yourself. Should you require medical evacuation, you agree to pay any extra costs incurred on your behalf, Pray Dive Co.,Ltd. is authorized to make medical and evacuation arrangements as be deemed necessary in your interest. You take full responsibility for damages or loss of any personal and rental equipment used by me. I take full responsibility for all damage or injury happening as a result of my participation in any activities offered by Pray Dive Co.,Ltd. including all foreseeable and unforeseeable risks.

If you cancel or re-schedule your day trip or course up to 11 am the day before, we will not charge you anything at all and give you a full refund on your deposit or full payment received by us. If you have registered for PADI online learning you will not be refunded for the cost of the manual as this belongs to you and can be used at future PADI Dive Centres to continue your education.

Intoxication, no show, cancellation after 11 am the day before the departure date of any day trips, starting courses or any activities are subject to a 50 % cancellation charge and you accept that you will not get a full  refund. Cancellation after 4 pm the day before the departure date of any day trips, starting courses or any activities are subject to a 100 % cancellation charge and you accept that you will not get any refund. Please note that reasons such as “I’ve changed my mind” or “I don’t want it anymore” will not be considered valid grounds for a refund.

To complete the booking, 50 % deposit will be asked and the balance has to be paid a day prior the departure date.

Please note that Pray Dive Co.,Ltd. partners with many boat operators on the island who arrange collection of our guests for the diving day trips on the boats – we urge you to ensure you are at the agreed meeting point at the given time of collection for your pick up.  Pray dive Co.,Ltd. is not responsible for guests that are late, not at the agreed meeting point or do not show up as the boats have a scheduled time to leave the pier each morning so are unable to wait as they do pick up guests from other dive operations who have booked space on the boat.  

For Liveaboard booking, due to many vessels we use, we will advise you of the cancellation policy at point of booking as each operator has different refund policies. Some Liveaboard agencies may ask for FULL payment upfront or accept a deposit if your booking is several months ahead.

By making a reservation with us, you are agreeing to the cancellation policy outlined above. Should we have to cancel your Phuket diving trip or PADI course in the rare event of a bad storm then you will be fully refunded.

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